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Site services
General information regarding Site Services
  • 1. Site Services are entertainment and/or information services relating to the use of the Site's software resources, which grant access to additional functionality of the Site and additional features for interacting with other Users, etc. (heretofore and hereinafter "Services").
  • 2. Site Services may be free or paid-for.
  • 3. The Site's paid-for services may be paid for using the following methods:
    • 3.1. By subscription (Automatic renewal in accordance with paragraphs 7.11-7.12 of the User Agreement).
    • 3.2. By obtaining Credits (the Site's notional unit of account) via the "Top up your electronic wallet" Service and subsequently using them to pay for other Site Services for which no subscription-based payment is available (in accordance with paragraphs 7.2.-7.6. of the User Agreement). The "Top up your wallet" service can itself also be paid for on a subscription basis.
  • 4 Automatic renewal (subscription). Some Services may provide for the technical ability to automatically extend the term of the service (hereinafter "Automatic Renewal", "Subscription"). By starting to use such a service, the User agrees to Automatic Renewal with automatic debiting of funds to pay for the next term for the provision of the service in full and in advance on the expiration date of the previous term for the provision of the service, such funds to be debited from the User's bank card, the data of which the User entered in the corresponding section of the Site interface, in accordance with with the applicable rate, subject to the following conditions:
    • 4.1. The subscription is renewed automatically until the User cancels it. If the Subscription is canceled, the Service is deactivated at the end of the period for which payment has been made.
    • 4.2. Funds used to pay for a Subscription are not subject to refund. A Subscription cannot be exchanged for a monetary amount. A Subscription cannot be halted.
    • 4.3. Failure to use the Site by the User, or loss of access to the account, are not satisfactory reasons for a refund or free renewal of the Subscription.
    • 4.4. The Administration has full control over all services and has the right at any time to change the cost of the Services and the ways of using them on the Site, at will and without any additional notifications or obligations. The Management has the right to withhold the use of the Service.
    • 4.5. If the User loses access to their account on the Site, deletes their account, or if their account on the Site is deleted by the moderators for violating the Terms of Use, the Administration does not guarantee a refund for the paid subscription.
    • 4.6. Activating a Subscription indicates the User's consent to debiting funds for the next Subscription period in automatic mode without the need to visit the Site or enter bank card details and additional confirmation of payment, and without prior notification of the payment.
    • 4.7. Пользователь может изменить способ оплаты или отказаться от Подписки в любой момент, перейдя в раздел "Профиль -> Настройки -> Подписки"
Topping up your Electronic Wallet services include the opportunity to buy virtual currency (Credits) using legal payment methods (Top up Wallet).

The User does not obtain personal rights to the Credits acquired when they buy or receive virtual currency. The User obtains the right to use the Credits for payment for certain Services

Money spent on Credits is not subject to a refund. Credits may not be exchanged for money, unless decided otherwise

The Administration shall have complete control over all virtual currency and services and may change the price of Credits and the ways of using them on the Site at its discretion at any time with no additional notifications or obligations

The Administration reserves the right to discontinue the use of Credits.

If the User loses access to their account on the Site, or deletes their account, or it is deleted by moderators for violation of the Site's Terms of Use, they lose all Credits accrued.

The Administration may withdraw free credits provided to the User in the course of a promotion at any time.

When the User chooses to add an amount exceeding the price of the service, they add to their Wallet the difference between the selected topup amount + bonus and the price of the service.

By selecting the Top up Wallet Service and clicking the Add button, the User agrees to the offer and gives permission to receive payment from their Bank card for the purchase of virtual currency, taking into account the following Terms of Use:
— When the User purchases virtual currency, they automatically link their bank card to their account and will be able in future to pay for services using this card without entering the information again. The User can unlink their bank card at any time in their Account Settings.
— Payments are processed using the system

Boost Profile

The Boost Profile Service is a paid Service of the Site, which the User can use to boost their profile (account) to first place in the search results across the site as a whole and in the region.

The Boost Profile Service does not imply a specific amount of time at the top of search results. The profile of a User who uses the Service will go down depending on activity of other Users who boost their profiles or register.

All users who pay for Profile Boost using any payment method available on the website (including the ones who use free boosts) make it to the Faces Gallery promotion block.

Only photos that have passed moderation are accepted to the Faces Gallery. A profile will not appear in the Faces Gallery while there are unmoderated photos in its Just Me Album.

If a photo violates the Terms, it will be declined under any type of moderation and will not appear in the Faces Gallery.

The service is paid for using Credits. services include the opportunity to buy virtual currency (Credits) using legal payment methods (Top up Wallet).

The price of the Service is defined in the Rates posted on the Internet at:

Premium Account

The "Premium Access" Service (hereinafter "the Service") is a paid Service of the Site on a subscription basis, which includes the following services:
— the ability to write messages with no limits;
— the ability to see who likes you with no limits;
— the ability to browse profiles in Invisible mode;
— the removal of advertising on the Site.

The price of the Service is defined in the Rates posted on the Internet at:

VIP status

The "VIP Status" Service (hereinafter "the Service") is a paid Service of the Site on a subscription basis, which includes the following services:
— show in Top ranking once every three days;
— photo shown first in dating;
— messages shown above other people's.

The price of the Service is defined in the Rates posted on the Internet at:

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